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Five-Time World Champions

We are the first and only artists to win all five World Awards, in an unbroken string of victories, across every category.

Bodypainting Champions in Asia

Asia’s biggest and best bodypainting competition is Daegu International Bodypainting Festival in South Korea. We won First-Place in 2013.

North American Bodypainting Champions

We won first place in the NABPC in 2010 Dallas, We also won first place in Atlanta in Living Art America 2012.

Guinness World Record Breaker

We broke the Guinness World Record for bodypainting – twice. And we created the American Body Art Festival to do it.

World Bodypainting Champions | Living Art America Founders

We are the first and only competitors to win all five "World Awards". Achieved in an unbroken string of victories, across every category in only four years. We also co-founded the largest and most prestigious bodypainting event in the Western Hemisphere, officially sanctioned by the World Bodypainting Association as the "North American Bodypainting Championship".

Clothing, Accessories, Gifts and More!

LivingBrush Lifestyle introduces a new way to enjoy your favorite bodypainting art!

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The highest and most prestigious award given to an artist

TEDx Talk on Bodypainting

with Scott & Madelyn

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Books and Publications

LivingBrush has been featured in many  of the leading books in the industry.
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Bodypainting for Couples

Immortalize an embrace! Become a live work of art.
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Body Paint for Live Events

Nothing electrifies an event like a live, bodypainted model!
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Bodypainting for Pregnant Women

A beautiful way to celebrate a new life!
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Body Paint for Individual Sessions

A completely transformative experience. Become art today!
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