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Who are the artists? Where are you located? LivingBrush Bodypainting is owned and operated by two artists who are a couple, Scott Fray and Madelyn Greco.  They are five-time World Champion competitive body paint artists, the only artists in history to mark such an achievement in an unbroken string of victories across every competitive disciplines. Located near Greensboro, North Carolina, the East Coast of the United States

Do you do private sessions? Please check out our private commissions section for information. We accept clients for individualized, one-of-a-kind design work at our home studio or will make time available to come to your location. All travel expenses will be incurred by the client, in addition to our rates for service.

Is bodypainting safe for expectant mothers? There is an absolute magic to adorning pregnant moms and we have painted quite a few. In tribal societies, bodypainting has traditionally marked the skin in ceremony or celebration of transitional life changes. The welcoming of a new life certainly seems a most fitting occasion in this long human tradition. Pricing for this kind of commission is published on our rate section.

What kind of paint do you use? What kind of brushes? One of our most asked questions! We use only professional, water-based, make-up paint that’s gentle on the skin. It’s non-toxic and non-irritating and it washes off with soap and water or any commercially available make-up remover. We will recommend paint brands privately, if you send us an e-mail. All body paint is applied by hand, using sponge & brush or airbrush techniques. We use a wide variety of styles of artist brushes, most often of natural fibers. It is worthwhile to invest both in good paints and good brushes, right from the start. The trick to making something look interesting in body painting is the same in calligraphy – alter your brush strokes between the natural thick and thin lines that a good brush will spontaneously produce. It’s ALL about the brush!

How long does it last? How do you get it off? Usually the challenge is to keep it on, not the worry of  getting it off. Under ordinary conditions, the art lasts for the day it is created. As for removal, soap and water or make-up remover.

Is the paint environmentally friendly? We use professional make-up grade body paint products made specifically for industry standards for our art form. It is non-toxic and feels creamy on the skin, safe to rinse in the shower.

What is the cost to commission a personal body painting by you? Please see our page on private commissions for rates. We occasionally consider special circumstances and can adjust rates to accommodate services that require less intensive design work, less than full-coverage painting or are less time-consuming. Feel free to inquire but understand we often cannot extend priority booking to these types of requests.

Where did you study bodypainting? How long have you been painting? A self-taught body paint artist, Scott has been a lifelong illustrator/designer/art director/multimedia developer but never attempted body painting until requested at a festival on the summer solstice in 2002. Madelyn, a graduate of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, first encountered Scott at another festival, in 2003. Though initially desiring to be a canvas, after introduction to this work,  she soon picked up a brush and followed suit. The pair then embarked upon a life together, focused upon artistic and creative partnership.

How long does it take to get fully painted? 8-12 hours for studio work. Usually 6 hours for most competitions

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