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In 2012, we were honored to take home our second World Championship in a row. After successfully completing our mission in 2011 and capturing the top spot in the Brush and Sponge Category (the hand painted category), we knew we would have to learn a new skill set if we wanted to extend our short, but illustrious competitive career. We decided to channel our energies into learning how to produce and apply hand-sculpeted prosthetics to the skin. Coupled with our creative costuming skills, we felt we could present pieces on the 2012 themes (Preliminary – “Inner Fears, Battling the Invisible”, Final – “Avant Garde, Innovative, Provocative”) that would make a good showing.

On day one, we put our piece titled “Metamorphosis” before the jury. It depicted a struggle with addiction (lower half of the model) emerging into the joyful sunlight of the spirit regained in recovery (upper half of model, including glowing “enlightened” heart) to the soaring hope for the future gained via the battle (headpiece with butterfly wings). This piece was the most personal translation of a theme we have ever created for a competition, being based on Madelyn’s actual journey. We hoped the judges would find our composition a compelling and cathartic interpretation. The qualifying round was filled with dramatic and beautiful work in our category and we learned we would be going on the final round in 4th place. As the scoring is cumulative, it is important to place highly on both days.

On day two, we did our best to pull out all the stops with “The Firebird”, based on the tale of chaos created by composer Stravinsky’s famous premeire. We had spent three days prior in the hotel room, assembling al the parts to this costume, as everything had to arrive packed flat in our two suitcases traveling from the US. When our model Kim took the stage to the regal strains of the “Firebird Suite”, we stood upstage knowing we had done our absolute best, no matter what our final placement would be. Amazingly, it was reported back to us that the splendor of   our Avant Garde realization had caused some in the audience to be moved to tears!

After a nerve-wracking wait for the results, called at the festival’s culmination, we found our piece had garnered scores sufficient to propel us into the very top spot! The World Bodypainting Festival of 2012 will always remained etched in our hearts and memory, as a very special year.

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