Working with LivingBrush

Thank you very much for your interest in modeling for LivingBrush. We are at a new phase in our professional development when we are interested in creating beautiful, complex works of fine-art that use the human body as it’s focus. One of the most important aspects of our philosophy is that the human body is beautiful and extraordinary. An expression of freedom, strength and the expansiveness of the human spirit. Because of this we have chosen to use nudity in our work. Of course, artists using the human nude as the central element in painting and sculpture is something that has been done for thousands of years. This is nothing new. Nonetheless, as a potential model we want you to know that we will require full nudity to participate in the creation of the artwork that we will make together. This includes both still photography and also video of both the finished work and the work in progress. We want to assure you that we will take the utmost care to be aware of how the public will view the materials. We will strive to create the most beautiful and aesthetically-oriented presentation. We are not interested in creating something cheap or sleazy. That would tarnish our reputation and we will not release anything that gives that kind of message into the public arena.

We would be delighted to work with you creating beautiful, powerful art that we believe will last beyond our lifetime, which will continue to inspire and inform. All model positions are voluntary— the artist, the photographer, the mom all combine their energies and efforts in an effort to create art.

In addition to modeling for studio sessions for the purpose of creating fine-art, there are occasionally other modeling opportunities that are more promotional. These are voluntary positions, and involve the model being painted in a public setting and/or interacting with the public. Additionally, Living Art America®, the North American body painting championship is a competition event that we organize and you may apply separately for modeling for that event.

Preparations for First-Time Models

Please note that no financial remuneration is expressed or implied from LivingBrush and that Models are responsible for all costs related to their participation.

About Modeling Photos

  • Please send us sample modeling photos. The photos do not necessarily need to be bodyainting model images.  You may send nude photos, but these are not required. Semi-revealing / bathing suit photos (if available) are helpful.
  • You may submit up to three image examples.
    • FORMAT: Please save the images in a “jpg” file format,
    • IMAGE SIZE: images should be no taller than 2000 pixels in height at screen resolution (which is 72 pixels per inch).
    • FILE SIZE: The file size should  be no larger than 2mg each.
    • IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT send us huge images. It chokes our email server and may void your application.

You MUST Rename your Image Files!

Please rename each of your image files BEFORE filling out this application. Rename the files with your name followed by a number, such as “modelname_01.jpg”, “modelname_02.jpg”, etc. Please do not use any spaces or unusual characters. Capitalization is allowed.

WARNING! If you do not rename your files we will have no idea which images are yours! This will void your application.


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