Livingbrush has been engaged to teach, speak or present at prestigious events: from Austria (World Bodypainting Academy and Global Body Art Conference) to America (Living Art America’s Academy Program) to Uruguay (Fesmak International Make-up Conference), with many points in-between.

We are presently offering a variety of programs which address three major points of focus concerning bodypainting:
1. How-to, tools and techniques.
2. What are the historical and modern implications of the art form?
3. How can we use bodypainting as a tool for self-discovery and to create greater intimacy in our relationships?


Mark of the Soul, The History of Bodypainting
Communicating History, Culture, and Identity through Bodypainting
Tribal cultures from all ages and all parts of the world have used bodypaint and other markings to communicate essential information about themselves and their people. Bodypaint was used for marriages, wartime, death rites, spirit communication, healing, the passage into adulthood and many other important life transitions and stages. In this power-point presentation and lecture, we seek to gain a greater understanding of bodypainting as an illustration of humankind’s journey to express itself.

Brilliant Bodypaint for Beginners
A Hands-On Bodypainting Technique Workshop
This is a hands-on workshop where we focus on teaching the techniques of bodypainting and making it easy and accessible enough for everyone. We explore color, pattern, line, texture, contrast, and decorative elements. tools and equipment such as brushes, paints, sponges and other materials are discussed. Emphasis is placed on the participant finding their own unique way of expressing themselves and transferring that into a successful and enjoyable adventure into bodypainting. A large part of the workshop period is spent with the participants painting a partner, learning techniques through firsthand experience.

Love, in Color
A Bodypainting Workshop for Couples
Having your partner paint the secret garden of your soul on your skin is an extraordinary experience. It can be intimate, liberating, confirming, sensual, transformative, and beautiful. You may find that you discover your partner all over again! The cooling sensation of the brush tracing new contours over your bodies and the delight of having your partner create a unique, loving expression of beauty to share with each other is a kind of soul alchemy that can have wondrous and profound effects. Treat the one you love to this one-of-a-kind experience!