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REVIEW: Living Art America’s 2016 North American Championships

Warmly welcoming the most brilliant global bodypainting talent to shine, in the new American Home of Bodypainting Competition. The year of 2016 marked a dramatic shift for Living Art America’s annual production of the North American Bodypainting Championships with a...

Bodypainting – Identity and Anonymity

Bodypainting is an excellent vehicle within which to explore the concept of identity and anonymity. On one hand, bodypainting is obscuring, masking, self-effacing and creates a disguise that occludes the identity of the person beneath the pigment. From another...

World Bodypainting Festival 2014 highlights

Another spectacular World Bodypainting Festival has drawn to a close and once again, we find ourselves in one of the most enviable spots of all. Our two first-place trophies are snuggled securely in the plane’s overhead bin and we have time to reflect upon the...

First-Place Win, Atlanta’s “Bodies as a Work of Art” 2012

What a delight it was to be included as competitive artists in Atlanta’s Third Annual “Bodies As A Work Of Art”, a charity event benefiting The Chelko Foundation. Begun in memory of fine artist Paul Chelko, the foundation benefits women in their region through arts...

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