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Education, Workshops, Lectures, Speaking

Commercial Services

Advertising, Entertainment, Music Video, Trade Show, Fashion, Television/Film. Whether you need a striking new approach for a ad campaign, a cutting edge look for a product launch, or a bevy of captivating and colorful live painted models to create the splash you desire, we have the ideas and the expertise to make it happen for you. We are currently the first and only three-time consecutive, multi-disciplinary World Champions of our art form and we offer world class design on the creative cutting edge. Body paint art offers visual impact like no other.  In our age of social media, viral imagery and instant digital gratification, there’s nothing to compare!
Pricing for Commercial Work – Video, Film and Advertising
We recognize that all commercial work is unique, containing specialized and specific circumstances. Feel free to contact us for quotes regarding situations not addressed within our rate list and we will do our best to accommodate your interests. LivingBrush’s commercial day-rate starts at $1400, plus all travel expenses covered.
We also offer advertising design (with a prestigious past client list) and full photographic retouching services to make your images as tight and exacting as your high standards demand. A wealth of creative possibilities to complement a live body art display backdrop design, logo work and special costume fabrication are available in-house, as well.  Inquire for rates.


Live Bodypainting for Special Events

Body paint artistry can be created on-site during your trade show or special event as live performance art unfolding before your eyes! This one-of-a-kind spectacle will generate excitement and notoriety that will beautifully brand your special event. Your name will be on the lips of your most important clients or customers via portable device, social media and live recounting and will set your business apart from your competitors.

Pricing for Live Events – Bodypainting as Performance Art
Live body paint artistry for events is charged by event rate or by our regular commercial day rate. Independent of rate charges, all travel expenses must be covered by client. Our event rate as follows: $1000 for a single model, up-charge to paint additional models is $500 each. It is our policy the client will provide professional models for the event. If we are requested to hire the models, the agency rate we are given plus 10% will be added to the cost of the job. We are happy to discuss particular needs for your event and work within your budget configurations to the best of our ability.  We offer phone/web consultation if required, to assist our clients on hiring model types we feel would be best suited to maximize impact for the event.


Private Commission Fine Art Bodypainting

Pricing for Private Sessions  – Singles, Couples, Groups, Prenatal
Private, customized, one-of-a-kind, fine art bodypainting portrait commissions can be arranged starting at $1200. Expressively beautiful, custom matched-design portraits for couples begin at $1800. Small groups available at an up-charge per additional person, call to discuss group size for quote.


Bodypainting for Expecting Mothers

Pricing for Prenatal Bodypainting

Full-body, one-of-a-kind, customized prenatal private commissions offered beginning at $1000. Custom designed “Belly-only”portraits for $300. Learn more about bodypainting for expecting mothers


Bodypainting for Retreats, Resorts, Parties, Festivals, and Cruises

If you book activities for warm climate destination hot spots, “less-is-more” private events, clothing-optional resorts or cruises, why not consider adding the magic of body paint art? Your guests will treasure the exciting opportunity to experience live demos and/or workshops that offer a hands-on opportunity to be instructed by Three-Time World Champions in the field. As added value, we can arrange to paint models as live performance art for your guests’ entertainment or offer appointments for private commissions for your most discerning clients, for the duration of our contracted stay.


Educational Programs, Seminars, and Workshops

We are presently offering several programs which address three points of focus concerning bodypainting

  1. How to do it?
  2. What does it mean?
  3. 3. How can we use body paint art as a tool for self-discovery and to create greater intimacy in our relationships?



“I love your grace. You have no idea how much the experience of your work that day influenced who I am 4 years later! Thank you.” ~ Malia Fyffe
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