Soul on Skin

Our Process of Creating Living Art

Livingbrush’s “Soul-On-Skin” approach is a bodypainting philosophy that marks one of our original contributions to this modern art form, developed as a result of our unique artistic perspective. “Soul-On-Skin” is our preferred way of creating these one-of-a-kind, fine art pieces, allowing the work to flow organically, in the fully aware and present moment. Livingbrush’s Scott Fray likens it to a practice popular in eastern spirituality known as “Darshan” (or “Soul Seeing”).

This technique involves spending a quiet moment with the subject of the painting at the outset, with no clear direction for the art about to be created. This is done in order to allow inspiration to be drawn directly from the model,  asking for higher dimensional guidance throughout the process. The art resulting from this practice has yielded dynamic and sometimes surprisingly personal, meaningful results. Scott and Madelyn have many anecdotes related to these types of experiences, often emotionally cathartic and empowering. Is is possible to book them to speak of their experiences to groups of any size, accompanied by rich and beautiful supporting visuals for presentation.


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