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The year 2012 brought forth some amazing opportunities for LivingBrush, including competing in The 2012 Daegu International Bodypainting Festival, in Daegu, South Korea. As visiting Western artists, we were treated with high regard as guests of the government, enjoying fashionable shopping districts, historical tours and lavish meals, with all accommodations arranged for. We were quite impressed, as well as honored.

We were invited to bring our own model, so our friend CherylAnn volunteered to accompany us. An artist herself, CherylAnn stayed on after the festival to travel to various temples to paint the beautiful architecture and scenic landscapes.

The Open-Category Bodypainting Competition (airbrush and brush/sponge techniques were both allowed) was judged in a single day of painting, artists were not notified of placement, but simply of qualification to paint on day two. The finalist paintings were recreated on the second festival day, to present before the festival audience of perhaps 10 thousand and a TV viewing audience of 5.5 million people. The award ceremony was also televised. At the end, we walked center stage to accept second place with bright smiles and waves to the audience!

In what we came to expect as typical Korean style, a glorious celebratory feast awaited the artists and sponsors backstage.  We looked forward to joining in, but not before we were invited back out to center stage by the festival’s organizer, to join him in the best spot in the house to view the closing ceremony fireworks!!!

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